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Prefab Eco Homes

What is Árbol?

Árbol are architectural, energy efficient, environmentally responsible prefabricated homes.

Árbol’s responsibility is to positively impact our environment, setting standards for homes where families make decades worth of memories.

Árbol is New Zealand made, locally owned and operated. 

Who is Árbol?

Árbol was founded out of frustration with the building
standards in New Zealand that have led to cold, damp, and expensive to run

Co-owner Marcus Allen has been in the building industry for over 15 years. His path to change started when he was taken on as a carpenter during the
development of Camp Glenorchy - The brainchild of the US philanthropists and global environmentalists
Debbi and Paul Brainerd, Marcus was learning first-hand what European passive standards and environmental responsibility means.

The lightbulb moment was when the rest of the family moved to Queenstown
from Christchurch, and he experienced the cost of poorly built houses.

His new-born son, Hendrix, started to develop Asthma, the cause - a leaky, damp, and expensive to heat rental in Fernhill.

He knew there had to be a better way.

Healthier and cheaper to run homes.

What is the Árbol difference?

All our homes are built on low-energy standards.

- Minimum 40% more insulated than NZ building code standards
- uPVC low-e double glazed windows.
- MHRV – Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system to filter fresh air and recover 92% of the energy.
- Reduction in thermal bridges by removing unnecessary
elements without comprising structural integrity.
- Airtight building envelope.
- We are prefabricated and transportable – no down days with bad weather on site, we work from a controlled environment, so you get a better
product faster and the ability to relocate in the future.
- We are environmentally responsible and architecturally designed.
– We think about the impact and longevity of every material we use, and use reduce toxin and impacts were possible - FSC certified timbers, plant-based paints and oils, Terra Lana
wool insulation, wool carpet and LMA reclaimed hardwood timber for cladding

What does this all mean?
A healthier & cheaper to run home
- No more crying windows
- Huge reduction in power bills
- No mould hiding in wall cavities
- Reduced toxins in your living environment
- Reduced impact on your environment|
- Happy and healthy families

Other housing companies might claim one or two of these improved standards -
but it’s important to have them all, to insure a home that functions correctly.

Just double glazing, just an airtight envelope, just an MHRV, just more insulation, just uPVC windows – isn’t enough, one doesn’t work without the other.

All our homes leave site with a CCC (CODE COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE) issued by CODC (Central Otago District Council) valid nationwide.

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