Árbol founder Marcus Allen

A motivated craftsman from sunny Motueka, New Zealand, boasts a lifelong passion for hands-on outdoor activities, including building mountain bike trails and racing in motocross and downhill biking. His dedication extended to meticulously servicing bikes for peak performance.

Transitioning from high school to a building apprenticeship, Marcus quickly adapted to the trade. In the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, he seized an opportunity to establish his own construction company. Over time, he excelled in diverse projects, from new builds and renovations to massive dairy farm milking sheds, fences, decks, and even customized hair salons for his wife, Chloe.

With a desire for new horizons, Marcus joined the Head Waters Lodge project, renowned for its environmentally conscious and low-energy accommodation. Along the way, he navigated life's changes, including COVID-19 lockdowns and the arrival of his son, Hendrix. These events led him to relocate to Queenstown after selling his family home.

In Queenstown, Marcus and his family faced challenges with subpar housing conditions, inspiring him to rethink the housing industry. During a recovery period from a severe leg injury, he conceptualized Arbol, a prefabrication construction company focused on creating sustainable, high-quality housing solutions.

Marcus holds the prestigious title of a @passivehouse_international certified Tradesperson, the highest level of high-performance building certification. With numerous successful projects under his belt, Arbol continues to thrive.

Today, Marcus enjoys relishing moments with his family, fishing, and indulging in mountain biking adventures.