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We are Árbol - Architectural - Eco Prefab Homes

Energy efficient, environmentally responsible, prefabricated homes.

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Why Árbol? Enjoy a warmer, drier, healthier home and move in sooner.

uPVC low-e double glazed windows and heat recovery system to maintain a comfortable living environment all year round.

uPVC has a lower thermal transmittance than Aluminum, it is also, quieter, safer and greener.

The protective, high-tech coating on Low-E glass effectively forms a barrier, reflecting heat back from the glass to reduce heat loss, while at the same time reducing solar gain.

Ensuring that your home is provided with fresh air is made easier than ever with an energy efficient Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR). These systems are incredibly healthy – not only do they provide air that is better for us to breathe, they also help to prevent fungal growth in the building itself. They can recover up to 90% of the energy that is normally lost through windows and return it back to the heating system.

This combination of higher insulation and efficient ventilation creates a healthier, comfier home with greatly reduced power bills.

Our homes are a minimum 40% more insulated than the new H1 building code standard. The New Zealand building code only requires R1.3 insulation under the floor of your new home, we offer at minimum R3.8 - all the way through to R7 for our NZSIP builds. Result? A year round comfier living environment with reduced power bills.

We have systems, materials and people in place to ensure your new home is ready without delay.

We are here to help you with the complete process - from choosing the correct abode for your lifestyle and budget, customisation, transport, foundations, consents, on/off-grid services, land, and finances.

Arbol’s responsibility is to positively impact our environment, by reducing excess waste, choosing eco & natural alternatives were possible and using local certified suppliers. We want to ensure your family has a healthier living environment, in and out of your new home.

RĀTĀ Walk-through

Come for a tour of our Rātā Cabin with Todd. Small living without sacrifice.


Our Range

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Building better with Árbol


" Had such a wonderful first night in the house last night. We're totally stoked. Such a beautiful dwelling. Thanks for such an amazing product, you guys should be very proud! "

Grant Norbury
Beech, Alexandra - 2023

" Couldn’t ask for a more amazing team to be building our home ❤️ "

Holly Tatom-Cross
Rātā, Gibbston Valley - 2023

" We are so happy with our one. The guys are so wonderful to work with in fact sometimes I miss them. "

Gemma McDonnell
Rātā, Lake Hawea - 2022

" It feels very special to us!

The loft is a favorite spot for the kids visiting. It's like an indoor treee house where all the magic happens! :) "

Esther Song
Rātā, Martinborough - 2022

" The cabin is looking fantastic, great job. "

Elisa Chan
Rātā, Glenorchy - 2023