Brenda and Dave have received their Christmas present early this year, a brand new Arbol Pohutukawa.

They came to us looking for an easy to maintain, warm and healthy forever home to place on their slice of paradise in Alexandra, Central Otago.

Initial ideas of a bespoke build were floated, but soon they realised our off the shelf Pohutukawa would tick all the boxes and offer a faster turn-around and keep the project on budget.

This version is our Pohutukawa Classic 75m2 - 2 Bedroom.

Construction started in May 2023 at our facility in Cromwell.
In one week we had the roof on and the dwelling weather tight.

190mm LVL framing forms the bones and primary insulation for this build.
External EcoPly provides structal bracing.

This layer is then insulated with Formaldehyde free Knuff Earthwool - a recycled glass insulation with a very high R4.1.

The complete interior layer is then sealed airtight with ProClima Intello vapor barrier - this stops energy leakage, moisture permutation in to the wall framing and insulation, and mitigates glass fibers entering the living environment..

Following the Intello wrap the interior walls & ceilings are batten to provide space for the plumbing and electrical services to be run without penetrating the airtight layer.

Finally this space is filled with long runs of Terra Lana natural NZ Wool insulation, bringing the total R value to 5.3 - a whooping 165% better than NZ building code!

Our Pohutukawa classic offers the choice of a mixture Birch Ply or GIB finishing - with an open ceiling in the living and kitchen for a very spacious living environment.

Exterior cavity battening insures great ventilation behind your wall cladding.

August arrived and it was delivery day, ready for our second trip across the Clyde Dam with a new home in less than six months!