Toni & John the founders of the beautiful Kinloch Wilderness Retreat came to us in late 2023 when the builder of their latest bespoke NZSIP low-energy, environmentally responsible cabin had an injury and was unable to take on the project.

By early 2024 we were already under with construction after careful planning.

Kinloch is around one hour outside of Queenstown, past Glenorchy, it's a stunning location, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist mecca, but the journey there is littered with narrow roads, bridges, bluff overhangs, and dense forest.

We could take this wider cabin almost all the way as a single piece, until just a few kilometers from the final site, where unfortunately the road just became to narrow between the old growth trees.

So, we got creative, and assembled the cabin as one at our facility, but with the ability to split it into two sections, lift on to two trucks, and reconnect it at site. This required careful consideration for structural integrity, weathertightness, wiring, plumbing and level of finishing detail.

We made it work, the cabin was 95% complete before leaving Cromwell, with only a handful of few pieces to finish on site - that is a fully featured bathroom with tiles, toilet, shower, towel rails, tray roofing, Abodo cladding, and large triple glazed windows and doors installed.

We love a challenge like, this, so reach out if you need us to tackle one for you.