A unique and special build for many reasons, but foremost a present for Chloe, Marcus's wife. Chloe, a long time specialist hairdresser who previously had her own salons in Christchurch, had taken the last two years to be a stay at home mum with their son Hendrix, with the family now settled in Queenstown, she wanted to continue her passion.

Secondly, what better way then to translate her values in Árbol over to hair dressing - looking after the environment and her clients health by using more natural products, recyclable packaging, reducing water consumption with specialty tapware, a Cinderella incinerating toilet, grey water reticulation, and of course a low-energy use, high performance, environmentally responsible building from our team at Árbol.

From the ground up it continued to be unique - our first trailer built platform.
At 8m long and 3m wide, it was a long slow drive from Christchurch.

Next - our first build with SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) from Formance.
This created a fast turn-around, airtight building envelope with plenty of insulation.

V-grove ply, achieving a tongue & groove look while keeping on budget & time - A rather fitting brand for a blonde specialty salon too!
The whole team went the extra mile on this one - Mike hard at work crafting custom joinery, and Dan building yet another exquisite timber door.

Even Todd got roped into a night shift staining the exterior Larch.
Deano from Lighthouse Electrical hit the home run on lighting!
Hendrix loves hanging out in his newest playground

Welcome to spring in Arrowtown!

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